Friday, October 29, 2010

Starting up, new challenges and (maybe) a farewell

I titled this post like one of those book chapters that try to summarize the diverse happenings in a concrete timeframe. It's been some months since the last post, always having things to say and never finding how to do it.

Today it has been much easier.

It is the end of a long period (10 years) devoted to academic R&D and the start of a new professional life in my own (shared) start-up: Symplio.

I have been for some years now trying to figure out new ways of using the Internet through physical objects, sometimes called the "Internet of Things" (although for me there isn't a separate Internet for the Things, as there is no "Internet of People", just the Internet, ubiquitous and public like air).

Through Symplio we intend to bring to the world some new fresh product concepts as others did in the past and be part of the paradigm change produced by the merging of the Internet with the physical reality.

I don't know if I will ever continue writing on this blog, probably I will, but now I will try to focus on changing the world.

PS: my former research position as Smart Environments Research Leader is available and open for candidates. Find more info at MoreLab (position description is here).
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